It would be nice to make a straight move from your previous address to your new one but in a situation where that is not possible at that given time we can provide a number of storage solutions for your personal belongings with security cleanliness in mind. We usually recommend and offer storage units that are neat and well maintained from the inside to ensure that your possessions will stay safe and without and form of damage whatsoever.

A storage unit would be used as a temporary solution but could also be used on a long term basis depending on your requirements. Our storage solutions have different amounts of space which would depend on how many items you would like to store in them and the size of the items in question. Our storage unit options can store anything from large pieces of furniture and bed mattresses to bedside lamps and curtains or even electronic equipment that gets used on very rare occasions.

We offer and provide storage units for both residential home owners who would have valuables which would take up space where it’s needed and businesses that have an excessive amount of stock or assets that are not being used for example.

Contact us further if you are in need of a storage facility to store your household items for a temporary amount of time until your new home is ready.